Transferring Pre-Arrangements

It is pretty simple to transfer funeral arrangements that are pre-planned and prepaid from one funeral home to another, and possibly at no additional expenses.

Firstly, our compliments on planning Ahead.  You are out in front when it comes to planning what you want for your funeral. If you have paid in advance you are forward thinking.

Now you have decided the time has come to transfer the arrangements you have already made.  There are a variety of reasons why you may have made this decision.  Possibly the funeral home that you originally made your arrangements with has gone out of business or has changed owners.  Maybe you have moved here from another state or city or you just changed your mind and have decided we are the right choice for you.  We can help.  We can make this transition as smooth as possible for you.

The important thing is to now make sure your finances and wishes are protected as you switch funeral homes. Our process starts by making an appointment to sit down with you.  You will asked to bring in your policy information and contract (this is the price itemization of all services and merchandise that you have requested) with you so we can review it together.  We want a clear vision and understanding of the types of arrangements that you have selected.   Then, we will contact the insurance companies, trust companies or original funeral home.  Once the details of the policies have been verified we can determine if we can honor a price guarantee or if there will be additional fees due based on our current prices.  We do not want there to be any surprises for your family when the time comes for your funeral services.

The final step is to finalize any transfer paperwork for the change of funeral home.  We will make copies of the paperwork for you and complete your file.  Then, the process of transferring your arrangements has been completed.  Contact us if you would like more information about transferring your arrangements.