Evergreen Memorial serves the rapidly growing number of people that are looking for more simplicity and lower cost in funeral and cremation services, all performed with the utmost of concern, respect and dignity. Families and friends are telling us they find comfort in our ability to fulfill these wishes.


Evergreen Memorial Cemetery is one of the most Beautiful Perpetual Care Cemeteries in North Carolina, conveniently located on Highway 70 between Goldsboro and Princeton. As a Perpetual Care Cemetery; Evergreen will be maintained for eternity. We at Evergreen pride ourselves on how clean and dignified we keep the grounds of those loved ones graves who have entrusted us to care for their family. We have lots available in all areas of the cemetery. We would like for you and your family to see the cemetery and let us discuss whatever needs you and your family may have.

We also offer vaults, mausoleums, monuments, markers and cremation niches. Having some of these important decisions taken care of can give you a great deal of satisfaction and peace. You will then know that your wishes will be kept and your love ones will be spared at a difficult time. Elliott Futrell and Jonathan Lane, as proprietors of Evergreen Memorial Cemetery, strive to give you whatever assistance you might need in making these important decisions. We are willing to answer questions about our services and products.

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